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We love solving problems, it’s this very obsession that lead us to developing our own software¬† products (SaaS) which are used by thousands of users everyday.

Our Technology

We have more than 50 titles available as SaaS products or solutions for white-label.

CRM Software

CRM powered by AI that enriches data and increases the productivity of thousands of users daily.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing software that doesn't require users to signup or pay subscriptions.

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Interactive Quote Tool

A quote tool that allows you to plot items from your inventory onto a map or uploaded images.

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CRM & Lead Management

AI Powered CRM Software By Sanity OS
Our CRM platform was built in 2015 as a cost effective, easy to use alternative to other cloud based platforms. Over the years its been adopted by thousands of users & In 2020 it was acquired by

Email Marketing

By Sanity OS
Senteasily is an AI powered Email marketing platform (developed by Sanity OS) that enables marketers send emails to their prospects without requiring an account.


By Sanity OS
DragIT is a solution created by Sanity OS to help network architects build quotations for their customers by uploading an inventory and having the facility to drag items onto a map or image.